The 2014: Supply Chain Forum (Rail Infrastructure)

5 08 2014

Do you feel your organisation has a good reputation for project delivery? Are you used to reacting to a crisis and going the extra mile? That is great, but it can be exhausting!! It is certainly not sustainable in the long-term. Can you influence change, or do things differently to achieve better outcomes? Perhaps it is time to review and rebalance your resources, competences and energy to create a sustainable, long-term, effective supply chain strategy.

Rail Champions and Rail Professional Magazine have come together to share nearly two decades of industry research, and review the Governments latest thinking on essential cost planning and procurement. Meet with over 75 rail industry executives and learn how to develop meaningful joint objectives and customer driven supply chains.

With over £37+bn rail contracts to be delivered over the next five years, companies must conduct a health check and gap analysis on their business to ensure they remain competitive, and can demonstrate effective management of customers, suppliers and external collaborator relationships.

The time has come for lean and agile suppliers (large or small) to challenge some of the BIGGEST names in the construction industry. Successful organisations have reputation and culture based on transparency, trust and value creation. It is clear some SMEs have already won favour within Network Rail, and Transport for London (London Underground), with £multi-million contracts placed on the Southern Frameworks and STAKE.

The Supply Chain Forum, which will be held on the 6th November (London), will help raise awareness of what ‘Supply Chain Excellence’ looks like, and explore some of the key challenges faced by Tiers 1-3 in the rail industry today. Through workshops and execution of strategic business strategies, you will be able to align key principles, behaviours and values that reflect your own business goals. Command future engagements with an effective; clear understanding of the correct governance, objectives and drivers needed for each new opportunity.

The rise of the super-contractor: Some Tier 2 contractors are now leading major project delivery, so it is essential their supply chain partners understand their goals and how to meet their clients’ key objectives. Previously, the holy grail of project management was simply delivering on time and to budget. We are now faced with three new models of procurement in the Construction industry, all designed to procure new infrastructure for less. The key objective is to offer some cost certainty, which delivers better value in the medium-long term future of the construction industry (of which the rail industry contributes.)

It is quite reasonable to consider the whole construction industry is poised to undergoing a major overhaul, with the emergence of a new global Super-Contractors emerging. This comes at a time when many constructors are either consolidating resources, moving out of the rail sector completely, or focusing on core competences.

We must also remember the main focus of many organisations over the next 12-18m may be to repair balance sheets after weathering the storm of a prolonged global recession. Leaders are under pressure to develop increased value and maintain profitable growth.

Looking to the future: A key principle underpinning the Government’s sector approach is to back those sectors, which are likely to have prospects for success in the future, in terms of generating increased value added and employment in the UK economy. In this respect, it is important to consider the key economic, social and wider drivers of growth and their relevance to the rail industrys potential over the next decade.

The main drivers are likely to be:

• Aligning objectives of Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies.

• Cutting costs and changes in patterns of demand.

• Changing business practices and new technology.

• Opportunities for job creation and skills development.

• Increasing demand for environmental products, processes and standards.

Rail Champions along with its partners has developed game-changing strategies that you need to know and will help you navigate this complex landscape over time. We will give you a roadmap and the compass to master 21st Century Supply Chain Management.

Gain the competitive edge: The supply chain forum is not only well timed it is also content driven. Industry leaders will come together to help you gain a competitive edge on some of your biggest opportunities. Use this session to enhance your skills, provide a platform for business enhancement and overcome potential barriers or obstacles, which may fall in your way in the future. Learn from insightful expert panel discussions; get an exclusive first look into the latest supply chain thinking, and 1-2-1 collaborative working surgeries.

Invest some time in the present to solve predictable problems before they happen!
This unique opportunity will allow ‘knowledge transfer’ from infrastructure providers/users, policy makers and leading suppliers wishing to make a step change in supply chain delivery. Discussions may not be project specific, but you will be able to put your questions to qualified industry guru’s that have helped shape the administration of Crossrail, CP5 and HS2

Top five reasons to attend:

1. Be seen as an all-star, high-reliability organisation.
2. Enhance your skills and build a compelling supply chain strategy.
3. Add value to multiple opportunities.
4. Compare new strategies on how to engage with Tier 1 and 2 Contractors.
5. Lead change in your specialist field. Be part of the debate, and provide the solution.

Learning outcomes: As well as hearing updates on Rail Infrastructure Procurement Policy, Responsible Procurement and case studies on Supply Chain Excellence, we will be running several 30 minute, live, interactive workshop sessions aimed at developing your understanding on key rail industry drivers. These workshops are designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of framework opportunities; including what bearing contract value and risk have on how buyers conduct their procurement processes.

We will also examine how buyers and suppliers interact and will give you practical insight into ‘collaborative relationships’ and the processes and procedures that support it.

Shared objectives: This event will help suppliers align objectives and support Tier 1 and 2 Contractors deliver major rail investment projects, involving cross industry leadership and collaboration. There are few sectors as fast-moving or challenging as the rail industry, but it’s the people that make the real difference. Some of the speakers at the Supply Chain Forum have been the public face of transformation in the Transport Sector, and Rail Champions together with Rail Professional are proud to deliver this conference that will support business executives with the determination and vision to deliver real results in the next Control Period (CP5).

Supporting organisations: Achilles, Action Sustainability, Brian Farrington Limited, CH2M Hill, Constructing Better Health, Daventry Business and Consultancy Services (DBACS), Inspiring Safety Solutions, Institute for Collaborative Working (ICW), Mend London, Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), Network Rail, PERA Technology, Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) to name but a few.

Strategic plenary sessions: By the time this edition of Rail Professional goes to press, we will have held yet another industry VIP Round Table Discussion with our partners from CH2M Hill and the Royal Institute of Surveyors (RICS) and co-sponsored by VVB Engineering Limited. The latest session covers Effective Cost Planning – with support from ‘enlightened’ policy makers and commissioners including; Martin Rowak (Director, TfL), David Hawkins (Director, Institute for Collaborative Working), Sean McCarthy OBE (Director, Action Sustainability), Stephen Blakey (Commercial Projects Director, Network Rail), and Denise Bower (Director, Major Projects Association). The output from which will be available via RICS and repeated on our website in the coming months.

Business enhancement: As always, Rail Champions is on hand at any time to support a specific development area, should you need it? Whether your focus is on collaboration, lean supply chain development or sustainability. Our team has over 40 years combined experience on some of the UKs largest infrastructure projects. We will work with you to identify a growth strategy that meets your current and future requirements.

From experience, it is better to solve business critical issues before they happen, and problems often represent the biggest opportunities for SMEs. We are confident the Supply Chain Forum will help empower your decision making by taking on a ‘shared view’ of the future based upon hard facts, alignment of core goals and making your customers even more successful.

Reserve your place now, whilst there are still tickets available.

Contact Dean Salisbury for sponsorship opportunities.

Hope to see you there!

Kind regards,

Chris Williams-Lilley
Rail Champions

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