Supporting Technology, Innovation and NEW Business Development

22 07 2012

Over the past twelve months, Rail Champions has provided a neutral platform for the flow of ideas, innovation breakthrough and collaboration amongst some of the ‘biggest’ names in the rail infrastructure sector.

There have been highly focused think tank sessions, business networking lunches, Infrarail Platform Sessions, and thematic lessons to help suppliers, infrastructure providers and operators from all nodes of the transport sector, share best practice, experiences and more importantly to promote ‘innovative’ thinking.

Collaboration perhaps holds the key to unlocking full potential.

Those who have tracked the progress of Rail Champions, already know I have particular interest in technical sales and developing new revenue streams from scratch.  Indeed, I have a proven track record of business turnaround, strategy development and successful execution. Which made the decision to move to the next phase of Rail Champions a simple and logical step. 

Consultancy Business Launched (May 2012)

Having initially set up Rail Champions to encourage debate among the rail infrastructure sector, I’m even more determined to make a difference and seek new ways of working that add value and reduce inefficiency.  As an experienced practitioner of innovation breakthrough, consultative, conceptual and technical selling techniques; I believe in the hands on approach.

With 15+ years experience working in the industrial and commercial sector for various global manufacturers and suppliers,  I have been able to cover all aspects of business in a pure environment, including Quality Assurance, R&D, lean production, installation, joint venture solution development, and more recently – corporate social responsibility (CSR).

With practical experience of developing robust sales pipelines in the Transport and Industrial hi-tech markets, I know all about the difficulties facing ambitious companies seeking to enter the Rail Sector. We also know the challenges of operating in fiercely competitive markets and the pressures faced by business leaders trying to manage the day-to-day running of the business and perhaps diversify into niche areas, to drive growth and maintain profitability. At Rail Champions, we are now able to provide  ‘practical support’ to suppliers and maintainers fulfil their goals and aspirations.

We can provide market insight, direction, support, guidance and discipline that businesses need to ensure businesses do the right things to grow their turnover and customer base. In fact, it is easier for us to do this remotely from the business as we don’t have to face the same day-to-day pressures and are able to take an objective external perspective. Indeed, this is very much the same view, which a prospective customer would have of your business.

Call 01788 891 714 or email for a FREE no obligation consultation today.




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