Infrarail 2012 // The Platform // Collaborative Working

25 04 2012

Minds are like parachutes – they work when open.  

Over the past twelve months, Rail Champions has provided a neutral platform for the flow of ideas, innovation breakthrough and collaboration amongst some of the ‘biggest’ names in the rail infrastructure sector.  There have been highly focused think tank sessions, business networking lunches and thematic lessons to help suppliers, infrastructure providers and operators from all nodes of the transport sector, share best practice, experiences and more importantly to promote ‘innovative’ thinking and ‘collaborative working’.

Interactive Platform Sessions : For the first time Infrarail brings you an interactive discussion forum, with a panel of industry experts who will lead various open discussions on gear changing challenges facing the UK Transport Sector.

First Session – Collaborative Working (01/05/2012) 

In business, as in other walks of life, teamwork can pay real dividends. Companies that work together can often achieve much more than they can achieve alone. The question is: what’s the best way for businesses to collaborate? How can they most effectively work together?

For the first time we have a route map as to how to make this work – BS 11000. This doesn’t mean that everyone needs to become certificated to the standard but, as a way to make all parties recognise and understand the milestones, effort and principals supporting collaborative working it is a key document to understand and a process to be aware of.

Working in line with the principals of this Standard don’t guarantee improved outcomes but it significantly increases the chances of success.

VIP Panel Members: 

David Hawkins (Operations Director, Partnership Sourcing Limited) Katie Ferrier (Head of Supplier Engagement, Network Rail) and Andy Harrison (Managing Director, Daventry Business and Consultancy Services)

Thanks to the above for their kind support and interest in developing the discussion. For more details contact Chris Williams-Lilley on 07768 849 961




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7 06 2012

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