BS11000 and Value Management to deliver benefits to Network Rail

21 12 2011

The time it takes to pay suppliers has been reduced! David McLoughlin (Finance and Commercial Director, Network Rail) says “The initiative aligns closely with a number of government initiatives relating to fair pay, and reflects ambitions for closer and more collaborative working between Network Rail and strategic partners.” source Rail Professional Nov 2011.

We will be meeting with David McLoughlin in January, so if you want to put your views / feedback to him via Rail Champions we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please send your questions to

Following on from the Value Management workshop sponsored by Socomec UPS *(6th Dec, 2011) and delivered by Robert Blackadder (Cordelis Consulting) we shall be following on with a specific session based on BS11000, which represents a landmark for business, as the first National Standard in the world to address collaborative business relationships. Details to follow.

Did you know that fellow Rail Champions member, and strategic partner – Andy Harrison (MD, DBACs) is a fully qualified BS11000 Facilitator. He may be tempted back to give Rail Champions members a taste of what is to come.

See you in 2012.

Kind regards,

Chris Williams-Lilley




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